Booce. -

  • Must have Microphone.
  • Must be Toxic.
  • Must be Active.
  • We Feature Custom coded bots in our server
    to use please type: '£help'
  • Have fun & Enjoy your stay


The rules are as followed 

but are not limited to:

  • No Advertising, Unless you have been allowed
  • No inappropriate content
  • No Spam
  • No rudeness towards other members of the discord
  • Do not waste staff time
  • Do not riot
  • Do not make threats [or make death or malicious threats] (or reveal personal information in any shape or form)
  • Do not Ddos / DOX
  • Do not discriminate or bully anyone in any shape or form
  • No inappropriate profile pictures
  • No chat trolling
  • No tagging everyone
  • Do not tag staff unless its important!
  • No inappropriate behaviour
  • No links (Unless approved)
  • No bypassing chat filters
  • Do not argue with staff

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